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1、【题目】Without regular supplies of some hormones our capacity to behave would be seriously impaired; without others we would soon die. Tiny amounts of some hormones can modify moods and actions, our inclination to eat or drink, our aggressiveness or submissiveness, and our reproductive and parental behavior. And hormones do more than influence adult behavior; early in life they help to determine the development of bodily form and may even determine an individual’s behavioral capacities. Later in life the changing outputs of some endocrine glands and the body’s changing sensitivity to some hormones are essential aspects of the phenomena of aging.

Communication within the body and the consequent integration of behavior were considered the exclusive province of the nervous system up to the beginning of the present century. The emergence of endocrinology as a separate discipline can probably be traced to the experiments of Bayliss and Starling on the hormone secretion. This substance is secreted from cells in the intestinal walls when food enters the stomach; it travels through the bloodstream and stimulates the pancreas to liberate pancreatic juice, which aids in digestion. By showing that special cells secret chemical agents that are conveyed by the bloodstream and regulate distant target organs or tissues. Bayliss and starling demonstrated that chemical integration could occur without participation of the nervous system.

The term “hormone” was first used with reference to secretion. Starling derived the term from the Greek hormone, meaning “to excite or set in motion. The term “endocrine” was introduced shortly thereafter “Endocrine” is used to refer to glands that secret products into the bloodstream. The term “endocrine” contrasts with “exocrine”, which is applied to glands that secret their products though ducts to the site of action. Examples of exocrine glands are the tear glands, the sweat glands, and the pancreas, which secrets pancreatic juice through a duct into the intestine. Exocrine glands are also called duct glands, while endocrine glands are called ductless.

1.What is the author’s main purpose in the passage?

A.To explain the specific functions of various hormones.

B.To provide general information about hormones.

C.To explain how the term “hormone” evolved.

D.To report on experiments in endocrinology.

2.The passage supports which of the following conclusions?

A.The human body requires large amounts of most hormones.

B.Synthetic hormones can replace a person’s natural supply of hormones if necessary.

C.The quantity of hormones produced and their effects on the body are related to a person’s age.

D.The short child of tall parents very likely had a hormone deficiency early in life.

3.It can be inferred from the passage that before the Bayliss and Starling experiments, most people believed that chemical integration occurred only___.

A.during sleep.

B.in the endocrine glands.

C.under control of the nervous system.

D.during strenuous exercise.

4.The word “liberate” could best be replaced by which of the following?

A.Emancipate B.Discharge C.Surrender D.Save

5.According to the passage another term for exocrine glands is___.

A.duct glands

B.endocrine glands

C.ductless glands

D.intestinal glands.





1、【题目】Part III Cloze

Directions: There are twenty blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices. Choose the one that best fits into the passage and then marks your answer on the Answer Sheet.

There are two factors which determine an individual’s intelligence. The first is the sort of brain he is born 61 . Human brains differ considerably, 62 being more capable than others. 63 no matter how good a brain he has to begin with, an individual will have a low order of intelligence 64 he has opportunities to learn. So the second factor is what 65 to the individual—the sort of environment in which he is brought 66 . If an individual is handicapped (受阻碍) 67 , it is likely that his brain will 68 to develop and he will 69 attain the level of intelligence of which he is 70 .

The importance of environment in determining an individual’s intelligence can be 71 by the case history of the identical twins, Peter and John. When the twins were three months old, their parents died, and they are placed in 72 foster (寄养) homes. Peter was reared by parents of low intelligence in an 73 community with poor educational 74 . John, 75 , was educated in the home of well-to-do parents who has been to college. This environmental 76 continued until the twins were 77 their late teens, 78 they were given tests to 79 their intelligence. John’s I.Q. (智商) was 125, twenty-five points higher than the 80 and fully forty points higher than his identical brother.

61. A. for B. by C. with D. in

62. A. most B. some C. many D. few

63. A. But B. For C. Still D. And

64. A. if B. thought C. as D. unless

65. A. refers B. applies C. happens D. concerns

66. A. about B. up C. forward D. forth

67. A. relatively B. intelligently C. regularly D. environmentally

68. A. fail B. help C. manage D. stop

69. A. ever B. never C. even D. nearly

70. A. able B. capable C. available D. acceptable

71. A. demonstrated B. denied C. neglected D. ignored

72. A. separate B. similar C. remote D. individual

73. A. omitted B. isolated C. enclosed D. occupied

74. A. possibilities B. opportunities C. capacities D. responsibilities

75. A. moreover B. consequently C. then D. however

76. A. exception B. division C. difference D. alteration

77. A. in B. by C. at C. for

78. A. while B. since C. when D. because

79. A. estimate B. count C. decide D. measure

80. A. average B. common C. usual D. ordinary


61-65 CBADC

66-70 BDABB

71-75 AABBD

76-80 CACDA








































Nowadays, China is stepping into the aging society. Therefore, the only-child generation is facing enormous pressure both from work and life. The Chinese government has begun to adjust the familyplanning policy and allows some families to have a second child under certain circumstances. However, the survey shows thatsome couples abandon to have a second child due to the increasing financial burden. Thus, in order to solve the aging problem,the basic thing is not relying on the increase of birth rate. The best solution is to establish an effective social security system.


























































































21-25 DBADA

26-30 CDCAB

31-35 BCBAC

36-40 CCBDC

41-45 ACCAA

46-50 DDAAC

51-55 BDABD

56-60 ACABD



1、【题目】Once it was possible to define male and female roles easily by the division of labor. Men worked outside the home and earned the income to support their families, while women cooked the meals and took care of the home and the children. These roles were firmly fixed for most people, and there was not much opportunity for women to exchange their roles. But by the middle of this century, men’s and women’s roles were becoming less firmly fixed.

In the 1950s, economic and social success was the goal of the typical American. But in the 1960s a new force developed called the counterculture. The people involved in this movement did not value the middle-class American goals. The counterculture presented men and women with new role choices. Taking more interest in childcare, men began to share child-raising tasks with their wives. In fact, some young men and women moved to communal homes or farms where the economic and childcare responsibilities were shared equally by both sexes. In addition, many Americans did not value the traditional male role of soldier. Some young men refused to be drafted as soldiers to fight in the war in Vietnam.

In terms of numbers, the counterculture was not a very large group of people. But its influence spread to many parts of American society. Working men of all classes began to change their economic and social patterns. Industrial workers and business executives alike cut down on “overtime” work so that they could spend more leisure time with their families. Some doctors, lawyers, and teachers turned away from high paying situations to practice their professions in poorer neighborhoods.

In the 1970s, the feminist movement, or women’s liberation, produced additional economic and social changes. Women of all ages and at all levels of society were entering the work force in greater numbers. Most of them still took traditional women’s jobs as public school teaching, nursing, and secretarial work. But some women began to enter traditionally male occupations: police work, banking, dentistry, and construction work. Women were asking for equal work, and equal opportunities for promotion.

Today the experts generally agree that important changes are taking place in the roles of men and women. Naturally, there are difficulties in adjusting to these transformations.

1.Which of the following best express the main idea of Paragraph 1?

A.Women usually worked outside the home for wages.

B.Men and women’s roles were easily exchanged in the past.

C.Men’s roles at home were more firmly fixed than women’s.

D.Men and women’s roles were usually quite separated in the past.

2.Which sentence best expresses the main idea of Paragraph 2?

A.The first sentence.

B.The second and the third sentences.

C.The fourth sentence.

D.The last sentence.

3.In the passage the author proposes that the counterculture___.

A.destroyed the United States.

B.transformed some American values.

C.was not important in the United States.

D.brought people more leisure time with their families.

4.It could be inferred from the passage that___.

A.men and women will never share the same goals.

B.some men will be willing to exchange their traditional male roles.

C.most men will be happy to share some of the household responsibilities with their wives.

D.more American households are headed by women than ever before.

5.The best title for the passage may be ___.

A.Results of Feminist Movements

B.New influence in American Life

C.Counterculture and Its consequence

D.Traditional Division of Male and Female Roles.





1、【题目】Part II Vocabulary and Structure

Directions: In this part there are forty incomplete sentences. Each sentence is followed by four choices. Choose the one that best completes the sentence and then mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

21. The teacher the students on a tour through the art museum.

A. made B. indicated C. forced D. took

22. Tom’s parents died when he was a child, so he was by his relatives.

A. grown up B. brought up C. raised D. fed up

23. Here is my card. Let’s keep in .

A. touch B. relation C. connection D. friendship

24. So far there is no proof people from other planets do exist.

A. which B. how C. what D. that

25. The newspapers reported yesterday several on the boundaries of these two countries.

A. incidents B. happenings C. events D. accidents

26. We’ve worked out the plan and now we must put it into .

A. fact B. reality C. practice D. deed

27. He didn’t and so he failed the examination.

A. work enough hard B. hard work enough C. hard enough work D. work hard enough

28. Not until Mr. Smith came to China what kind of country she is.

A. he knew B. he didn’t know C. did he know D. he couldn’t know

29. Scientists say it may be ten years this medicine was put to use.

A. since B. before C. after D. when

30. In some countries, is called “equality” does not really mean equal rights for all people.

A. that B. what C. which D. how

31. We didn’t know his telephone number, otherwise we him.

A. would telephone B. would have telephone

C. had telephoned D. must have telephoned

32. We’ve missed the last bus, I’m afraid we have no but to take a taxi.

A. way B. possibility C. choice D. selection

33. Luckily, most sheep the flood last month.

A. endured B. survived C. lived D. passed

34. My parents always let me have my own of living.

A. way B. method C. manner D. fashion

35. Like other language skills, reading requires practice.

A. the most of B. much of the C. most of the D. more of the

36. It is only through practice one will be able to swim skillfully.

A. what B. who C. that D. which

37. The brain is capable of ignoring pain message of to concentrate on other activities.

A. it allowed B. is it allowed C. allowed D. allowed it

38. Don’t worry, I have already them the decision.

A. informed; with B. informed; of C. informed; for D. informed; that

39. The child was sorry his mother when he arrived at the station.

A. to miss B. having missed C. missing D. to have missed

40. I wonder why he to discuss the problem at the meeting.

A. declined B. rejected C. refused D. delayed

41. You can hang up what you like on these walls.

A. bare B. empty C. blank D. vacant

42. According to a , the majority would rather have newspapers without a government than a government without newspapers.

A. election B. campaign C. poll D. vote

43. The population of the village has decreased 150 to 500.

A. in B. at C. by D. with

44. It seems that there is that I can’t do.

A. nothing B. anything C. everything D. none

45. They are often caring more about animals than human beings.

A. accused if B. accused with C. charged of D. charged for

46. a good beginning is made, the word is half done.

A. As soon as B. While C. As D. Once

47. George could not his foolish mistake.

A. account in B. count on C. count for D. account for

48. We came into this field late, so we must work hard to the lost time.

A. make up for B. make out C. keep up with D. put up with

49. The new law will came into on the day it is passed.

A. effect B. use C. service D. existence

50. We can separate the mixture into the pure chemical compounds it is composed.

A. in which B. of what C. of which D. from which

51. Mrs. Lincoln has that she is unable to get a job.

A. such small education B. so little education

C. a such little education D. a so small education

52. She can’t prevent her little boy shooting birds.

A. from; to B. on; at C. with; up D. from; at

53. Many countries are increasing their use of natural gas, wind and other forms of .

A. energy B. source C. power D. material

54. A darkened sky in the daytime is usually and indication that a storm is .

A. possible coming B. about to take place

C. close by D. expected to be severe

55. We all know that speak louder than words.

A. movements B. performance C. operations D. actions

56. , he could not cover the whole distance in fifteen minutes.

A. Fast as he can B. As he can ran fast

C. If he can ran fast D. Since he ran fast

57. Agricultural production in that country has increased in recent years.

A. vastly B. strikingly C. considerably D. extremely

58. Peter has planned to some money every month so that he can buy a used car next year.

A. set aside B. set up C. set in D. set along

59. Although I spoke to him many times, he never took any of what I said.

A. attention B. notice C. warning D. observation

60. They overcame all the difficulties and fulfilled the plan three months ahead of time, is something we had not expected.

A. that B. what C. it D. which


21-25 DBADA

26-30 CDCAB

31-35 BCBAC

36-40 CCBDC

41-45 ACCAA

46-50 DDAAC

51-55 BDABD

56-60 ACABD



1、【题目】Passage 2

Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage:

When aluminum was first produced about a hundred and fifty years ago, it was so difficult to separate form the ores in which it was found that its price was higher than that of gold. The price remained high until a new process was discovered for refining the metal with the aid of electricity approximately three quarters of a century later. The new method was so much cheaper that aluminum because practical for many purposes, one of which was making pots and pans.

Aluminum is lightweight, rustproof and easily shaped into different forms. By mixing it with other metals, scientists have been able to produce a variety of alloys, some of which have the strength of steel but weigh only one third as much.

Today, the uses of aluminum are innumerable. Perhaps its most important use is in transportation. Aluminum is found in the engine of automobiles, in the hulls of boats. It is also used in many parts of airplanes. In fact, the huge “airbus” planes would probably never have been produced if aluminum did not exist. By making vehicles lighter in weight aluminum has greatly reduced the amount of fuel needed to move them, Aluminum is also being used extensively in the building industry in some countries.

Since aluminum is such a versatile (多用的) metal, it is fortunate that bauxite (铝土矿), which is one of its chief sources, is also one of the earth’s most plentiful substances. As the source of aluminum is almost inexhaustible, we can expect that more and more uses will be found for this versatile metal.

6. The price of aluminum was sharply reduced when people discovered a new refining process with the aid of .

A. wind B. solar energy C. hydraulic power D. electricity

7. Aluminum is .

A. lightweight, rustproof but not easily shaped into different forms

B. heavyweight, rustproof and easily shaped into different forms

C. lightweight, rustproof and easily shaped into different forms

D. lightweight and easily shaped into different forms but it is easy to become rusty

8. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Aluminum is widely used in transportation.

B. Aluminum is also used in many parts of airplanes.

C. Aluminum is being used extensively in the building industry.

D. Aluminum is not used in its pure form.

9. Aluminum is found on earth mostly in the form of .

A. pure metal B. bauxite C. gold D. liquid

10. What is the passage talking about?

A. The features of aluminum and its functions. B. The process of aluminum.

C. The discovery of aluminum. D. The promising future of aluminum.





1、【题目】Scattered through the seas of the world are billions of tons of small plants and animals called plankton. Most of these plants and animals are too small for the human eye to see. They drift about lazily with the currents, providing a basic food for many larger animals. Plankton has been described as the equivalent of the grasses that grow on the dry land continents, and the comparison is an appropriate one. In potential food value however, plankton far outweighs that of the land grasses. One scientist has estimated that while grasses of the world produce about 49 billion tons of valuable carbohydrates each year. The sea’s plankton generates more than twice as much.

Despite its enormous food potential, little effort was made until recently to farm plankton as we farm grasses on land. Now marine scientists have at last begun to study this possibility, especially as the sea’s resources loom even more important as a means of feeding an expanding world population.

No one yet has seriously suggested that “planktonburgers” may soon become popular around the world. As a possible farmed supplementary food source, however, plankton is gaining considerable interest among marine scientists.

One type of plankton that seems to have great harvest possibilities is a tiny shrimplike creature called krill. Growing to two or three inches long, krill provide the major food for the giant blue whale, the largest animal ever to inhabit the Earth. Realizing that this whale may grow 100 feet and weigh 150 tons at maturity, it is not surprising that each one devours more than one ton of krill daily.

Krill swim about just below the surface in huge schools sometimes miles wide, mainly in the cold Antarctic. Because of their pink color, they often appear as a solid reddish mass when viewed from a ship or from the air. Krill are very high in food value. A pound of these crustaceans contains about 460 calories—about the same as shrimp or lobster, to which they are related.

If the krill can feed such huge creatures as whales, many scientists reason, they must certainly be contenders as new food source for humans.

1.Which of the following best portrays the organization of the passage?

A.The author presents the advantages and disadvantages of plankton as a food source.

B.The author quotes public opinion to support the argument for farming plankton.

C.The author classifies the different food sources according to amount of carbohydrate.

D.The author makes a general statement about plankton as a food source and then moves to a specific example.

2.According to the passage, why is plankton regarded to be more valuable than land grasses?

A.It is easier to cultivate.

B.It produces more carbohydrates.

C.It does not require soil.

D.It is more palatable.

3.Why does the author mention “planktonburgers”?

A.To describe the appearance of one type of plankton.

B.To illustrate how much plankton a whale consumes.

C.To suggest plankton as a possible food sources.

D.To compare the food values of beef and plankton.

4.What is mentioned as one conspicuous feature of krill?

A.They are the smallest marine animals.

B.They are pink in color.

C.They are similar in size to lobsters.

D.They have grass like bodies.

5.The author mentions all of the following as reasons why plankton could be considered a human food source except that it is ___.

A.high in food value.

B.in abundant supply in the oceans.

C.an appropriate food for other animals.

D.free of chemicals and pollutants.








China lies in the east of Asia and it has the largest population in the world. China is also one of the four countries in the world that have an ancient civilization, Besides, it has a vast territory with such abundant natural resources as dense forests, magnificent waterfalls, majestic and beautiful rivers and lakes, and mountains whose peaks reach high into the sky like swords. All these make China a singularly attractive place to tourists around the world. But, most importantly, China boasts a history of over five thousand years with innumerable historical relics left over from the long past, such as priceless pearls and jewels, historic sites and scenic spots, palaces and edifices of architectural richness, all of which have won people’s admiration. You are sure to find great enjoyment from all these attractions in China, a much-admired dream land.




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